Top 3 Reasons to Hire Professional Resume Writers in Sydney

You might not be aware of it but good writing is a skill and talent that can take years to master, and not everyone is capable of it. As a prospective job seeker, you might have a long list of qualifications and experience, but if writing is not one of them, you would be advised to hire the services of professional resume writers in Sydney. These professionals write for a living, and they are best placed to help you create a great resume.

More often than not, your CV is the first impression you make on prospective hiring managers which is why it should be written by someone who has the necessary skills to write it. Professional writers have extensive knowledge about the market, and they can create CVs which instantly catch the eye of prospective employers.

Professional Resume Writers Sydney

Some of the reasons why you should consider hiring these professionals are:-

They can be objective

If you find it tricky to be objective with yourself, you’re not the only one; its a common trait. When you are writing your CVs, the chances are that you will be confused about what to include and what not to. Invariably, you will end up including all the information you can write about yourself in the CV. This can be a huge mistake and turn out to as bad as including too little information on the CV. In contrast, professional resume writers in Sydney will take note of all your qualifications, experience and all other experience so that they can objectively select the ones which make the best impression.

They are masters in joining information

Needless to say, your CV will undoubtedly be one of the most important documents that you will have as part of your job search. More often than not, it’s all that stands between you and an interview of your dream job. You can be the best at what you do and have boatloads of relevant job experience, but you don’t select just the right information to include in your resume, you might never be able to showcase the employers the value you are going to add to their company. Professional writers are like a master craftsman who will take the raw material you provide and turn it into a finished work that will surely be able to impress everyone.

They know how to keep thing new

Whether you are aware or not, the fact can’t be denied that times are changing at a rapid pace. Be it culture, music or literature, things are fast evolving around us and CV writing services in Sydney is no different. The style and format used in CVs a decade ago are not relevant these days which is why the services of CV writers will come in significantly handy. They are like professional stylists; they know what’s in trend and what not.


Several Research Shows Why Hiring Professional Resume Writers in Sydney Are Important

While writing your resume, it can be tempting to get carried away and start listing all your accomplishments. But have you considered whether you should do that or not?

You need to understand that your grade average, schools attended, and volunteer experiences are some of the least important things that recruiters want to see in a CV while deciding to call the candidate for the interview or not.

A recent research conducted by one of Australia’s leading recruitment firms state that it is better for prospective jobseekers to not detail their entire professional experience in their CVs. The same research also revealed that nearly 60% of employers agree that CVs should include only the candidate’s experience for the last 10 years. Anything more than that will be considered irrelevant.

Even though most candidates spend considerable time in preparing an apt cover letter, the research shows that nearly 75% of employers don’t necessarily weigh in cover letters as heavily as other aspects of the hiring process; most importantly the resume.

Professional Resume Writers in Sydney

So what do recruiters focus on?

Most recruiters see if the resume has been targeted to the job position or is just a generic one. Nearly 90% of the recruiters immediately notice if a CV hasn’t been tailored to the job. This same research also revealed that nearly 55% of recruiters feel that typos are the biggest mistakes in a CV while the other 45% state that for them unprofessional resume formats are a big turn off.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary for you to extensively edit your resume. If you can’t do it on your own, you can always hire professional resume writers in Sydney. They will create you a CV that’s up there with the industry standards and apt for the job you are applying for.

Most jobseekers make the mistake of using way too many buzzwords in their CV. To state certain facts, 46% of recruiters don’t like to see the word “expert” in CVs while 31% hate it if “innovative” is included in the resume.

Instead, you should focus on your soft skills and references because these are the factors which most employers consider important. Additionally, the candidate’s overall demeanour and interpersonal skills are just as important in the whole hiring process.

Though it might need some extensive research, it is always advisable to tailor your CV according to the age of the recruiter. It’s a fact that different generations of recruiters value different aspects of a resume. For instance, the millennials will always value the education part of the CV while Gen X recruiters significantly evaluate all parts of the CV including the social media profiles of the candidate.

All the nitty gritties of resume has resulted in the immense demand for CV writing services in Sydney. These days, people trust professional writers to prepare their CV as a means to guarantee at least some interview calls. How your interview will fare depends completely on you, but a professionally written CV will guarantee that out of all the resumes that prospective employers receive, yours will immediately catch their attention.

Hire professional CV writers in Sydney to get three times to more interview calls

In this day and age, getting a job is probably one of the biggest obstacles individuals face, and the number of job seekers is increasing at an alarming rate with each passing day. So it’s pretty obvious that the days of informal interviews, references and experiences are long gone. Sure these things matter but only if you get placed for an interview for a job. That is the first and biggest obstacles in front of you especially if you are looking for your first job.

winner resumes

If you have years of experience and all the necessary qualification for a job but still getting rejected in prior to an interview, you might have to change your perspective in looking into these things. The one thing which you are overlooking here is your CV. Now you might be much more talented than the other candidates for an interview but have you considered why are they being preferred to you even if they are not qualified as you? Well, it’s because they have a CV which separates them from others. Having qualifications isn’t enough these days; you need to market it as well. Why do you think the demand for professional CV writers in Sydney is so great these days?

How to get three times more interview calls?

The secret behind this is the way you develop your CV. Many of you make the mistake of putting things in a CV, which aren’t true and are just a means to impress prospective employers. You’ve got to remember that you shouldn’t do anything to embellish your resume; this is a recipe for disaster. You CV should be 100% honest and factual.

The resume writing method which you should implement

Unless you hire professional CV writers in Sydney, you need to employ certain methods all by yourself. But before that, you need to ascertain why your CV is being rejected. Predominantly, there are three reasons why you don’t get placed for an interview:-

  • The vacancy might already be filled
  • It might be possible that you don’t meet the qualifications required for the job
  • You may be perfect for the job, but the employer didn’t find your CV interesting enough; resume failures.

How to improve on these failures?

The key or as one would call it “secret sauce” is to get inside the head of the recruiters or prospective employers. You need to ascertain what’s going on inside their head when they are reading your resume.

First and foremost, you need to remove all kinds of objective statements from your CV.
Secondly, try to maintain a two page CV format which has lots of white spaces and is easy to read. Though a three-page format won’t hinder your chances much, it’s advisable to maintain a two-page format.

Thirdly, just after your name and contact details, insert a summary section to portray something unique about your CV.

What good are professional writers?

It would be a wise decision on your part to hire resume services in Sydney. Through these services, you can actually hire professional writers who know what it’s like to create a CV which immediately makes an impression.

The Importance of Professional Resume in Contemporary Times

Earlier there was a time, if you are good at your job, you get hired! If someone refers you, you get hired! If you get good grades, you get hired! However, in contemporary times, it’s not that easy. In recent times, companies are smart enough to select the right candidate with the highest expertise, best grades and apparently making sure the pay scale is kept to a bare minimum. So, no more references, word-of-mouth and any other tactics work. Only your curriculum vitae (CV) can do the trick. Human resource managers are now appointed by the directors to make sure they are hiring the perfect man for the job with a reasonable salary structure. The HR manager looks at the CV and decides the people to be shortlisted and calls them over for the interview.

Professional CV Writers in Sydney

Gosh! The CV is so important. Never knew that, but well it certainly is. Preparing a professional CV is difficult. You have to be honest and exact with your educational qualifications, years of experience and other accomplishments, but at the same time the need to impress the recruiters. Fret not, professional CV writers in Sydney can help you out, making sure your resume is the best of the lot, and the HR certainly notices it.

Why call for a professional?

Yes, you may be thinking why you would need to hire a professional, when you can do the job on your own. Have you ever wondered how a less qualified guy gets selected, leaving others in the lurch? Or how the junior in the office gets paid more than you? CV is the first impression and also the last impression, the company has about you. Professionals know exactly how to glamorise the CV and market the candidate, thus allowing you to getting better remunerations.

Let’s check out what the professionals actually do:

  • Highlight your positive points – experience, educational qualifications.
  • Undermine the negative ones – like job hopping, the long gap during service period and so on.
  • Short, crisp, simple to read and understandable resume. HR takes only a minute to scan through one resume. That is, 1 resume = 1 minute!
  • Captivates attention within a minute of the recruiter enabling the CV to be shortlisted

No matter how well you may know the job, how perfect and fit you are for the work profile, getting called for an interview surely lies in the work done by the professional making your resume stand out.

Finding the best CV writing service providers

Many people out there have failed to get interview calls and had to opt for professional resume writing services. There are many CV Writing Services in Sydney offering you to invest money in creating an attractive resume. However, make sure to pick the one, where they not only provide you with an appealing resume but also instruct you on the interview techniques and tactics, which is so much essential and crucial.

Talent and qualifications are important, but what is even more essential is how these details are presented. Your resume done with precision and accuracy can help in presenting you well in front of companies. Only an expert resume writer can deliver spotless and flawless CVs, and you will certainly have no dearth of interview calls.

Resume Services in Sydney: 7 Reasons Why Cvs Gets Rejected

Resume Services in Sydney

In every profession, the first impression always counts and even more so for aspiring job seekers. Employers don’t have ample time to examine each and every CV for hours; the most you will get is 10-12 seconds for your CV to impress them. To avoid the pitfalls that can scupper your chances of landing a dream job, you need to be aware of how to create a stellar CV so that it doesn’t end up in the rejected pile. Thankfully, you can get a lot of assistance through resume services in Sydney. These kinds of services are perfect for writing professional CVs.

Here are a few reasons why most CVs get rejected right at the start:-

  • Inappropriate Email Address: You might have the idea that it is necessary to make your email trendy or something like that, but that’s a wrong thing to do. These “trendy” emails should be for personal use only. It’ll take you 5 minutes to create an email id for official purposes which you should use for applying for jobs.
  • Spelling & Grammatical Errors: You will be amazed by the fact that 6 out of 10 CVs are full of grammatical errors. Poor grammar and spelling are a huge turn off for prospective employers who will immediately reject such CVs. Precisely for this reason; a CV writing services in Sydney can come in extremely handy for you. Professional writers can proofread your whole resume and make the necessary corrections.
  • Inaccurate dates: You must ensure that whatever dates you are providing in your CV are accurate. These dates might include the year of passing out from school or college and the relevant term period of your current job (if any).
  • Extensive personal information: Recruits don’t want to know the intricate details of your personal life. They want to know you but from a professional point of view. Don’t be mistaken; your CV should contain some personal information but not that much in detail.
  • Improper Format: There’s nothing more irritating for recruiters than a CV, which has no format whatsoever. Recruits hate it when they have to look at the start and end of every section in your application. Maintain a format which is easy to decipher.
  • Long Paragraph: Imagine yourself in a recruiter’s shoes. Will you be interested in reading a CV which is filled with long, needless paragraphs? The answer will be a big profound NO. Recruiters want to see a resume that is short and concise but which also has all the relevant information needed.
  • No employer info: If you are already working in some office, mention the information in your resume. Prospective employers will want the complete details along with the contact number of your previous employers so that they can cross-check it if needed.